Restoration – Motorcycle Ariel 1929 250ccm OHV – Exploring Options

The interesting part is here. To decide which way to go. Both options are on the table and I myself am curious which will it be.

1) Customise the bike further to meet current legal requirements and obtain papers somehow.

When a motor bike has no legal papers, it is close to impossible to get it on the road legally in the Czech Republic. The country is part of the European Union though and there might be some possibilities in other EU countries. I will update this article based on my findings.

2) Restore the bike to the as close as possible original state and register it as a vintage motorcycle

The current status

The table below summarises what I have to get according to priority:

Name (Název) Notes (Poznámky) Price estimated
Exhaust pipes
Front fork
(Přední vidlice)

Flange ø 25 mm (příruba)
Probably type Amal 4/022

Historical papers I have for the bike says AMAC carburetor was used (see below). This can be true according to my findings as AMAC types were used on British motorbikes around 1929-1930, especially for sport models.

Currently fitted – Jikov

Still looking for the carburetor type, 1929 was the year when Amac types were replaced with Amal 6/024 (thanks for info

Paint job including preparation   1500
Various other parts   800
Paperwork   400
Total   5500


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