Fluid lines

The idea of a line as a link between the materialization of an object in space and time is central to Radek Štencl’s paintings.

Štencl enjoyed diverse and long career in the information services industry, working in Prague, London and later on all continents of the world. Today he works in a studio in Brno, Czech Republic. Perhaps that is why Štencl’s position is unique in a sense he is able to project logical principles that unite people all over the world, while taking into account psychology and patterns of human behavior into his works.

From a young age, Štencl created drawings and paintings in a three-dimensional view and was interested in the human beings essence, not limited to it. He practiced painting as a hobby for years, experimenting with artistic processes, compositions and media. When turned 45, all the experience and knowledge achieved a synergy and it gave rise to the Liquid Line paintings series.

Štencl can intuitively use the line as a basic structural element of paintings, connecting a strictly logical relationship between parts of objects in time and space to the edge of abstraction, using his unique and distinctive visual language.


Radek Štencl (born 1977) is a Czech contemporary painter who openly calls himself a “voracious observer”. He refers to his desire to absorb as many layers of life as possible. His works depict objects in their many layers, which the line connects in time and space.

His earlier works depicted scenes seen through the eyes of animals, tested the technique of drawing, painting and experimented with composition.

Radek graduated from Masaryk University in 2020, and subsequently focused on creative work in the fields of art, architecture, film, design and sustainable business projects and agriculture.

Radek has had several solo exhibitions in London and the Czech Republic, and his works can be found among local and foreign collectors.


Bc, Masaryk University, Brno, Czechia

Fluid Lines, Cafe Era, Brno, 2022

From a man to a beast, Ateliér Hlohová, Brno

Initiation, Galerie Pod Petrovem, Brno

Offloading, Stoke Newington, London, UK


United Kingdom


France24 The Observers newspaper and television

Brno television – talkshow interview

"The essence of life can be found in the essence of oneself, and there is no other way to zoom in than through sincere thoughts and actions. Art allows me to get one step closer to these unattainable ideals."

— Radek Štencl