Author name: Radek Štencl

Radek Štencl (b. 1977) is a Czech contemporary artist who openly describes himself as “greedy observer”. The painter is referring to his appetite for absorbing as much layers from life as possible. His paintings are focused on objects and its various layers in order to highlight its relationship with time and space. “No matter how honest my thoughts and actions are, making art allows me to dive into the core of life one step further.” His early paintings explored scenes seen through the lens of animals and tested various new techniques. Radek graduated from the Masaryk University (MUNI) in 2020 and pursued career with technology companies before turning the life’s focus on pure creativity which stretches from art to architecture, film design and sustainable business and agriculture. Radek has held several solo exhibitions in London and Czechia, and his works are collected by local and foreign collectors.

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